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Right Turn Web
Website Design and Development

Is your small business web presence at or heading for a dead end? Are you overwhelmed in thinking about how to improve your web presence and local market reach? Are you discouraged due to lack of knowledge of internet technologies or web development costs that are far out of reach of your small business budget? At Right Turn Web we can help get you on the road to success. At Right Turn Web we can help ease your marketing burdens and help expand your local brand awareness. At Right Turn Web we can give you a web presence that inspires the conversion of potential customers to new customers.

The Cost Effective Customer

At one time in the not so distant past a local business could depend on the local yellow pages and local print media helping spread their message. With the dying nature of print however these venues are becoming less and less viable as a local marketing and referral resource, while at the same time their prices are going up in order to compensate for their ongoing loss of business and readership. With the cost per customer rising, businesses must understand how to leverage their internet presence in ways that maximizes their advertising value and efforts. At Right Turn Web we recognize how these factors and their associated costs can be a make or break proposition in small business development and growth.

At Right Turn Web we understand the unique hurdles faced by small business. We also understand the importance of local market penetration and how to effectively get our clients' message out to the local community in a cost-effective manner.

Cultivating Relationships

Right Turn Web is committed to long-term relationship building with our clients, as we understand their needs will evolve over time. We want our clients to know we will be there to support their needs in a one on one personal manner as their needs change and grow.

If you need a web presence or need to improve on one you already have make the Right Turn and choose Right Turn Web as your web development and website design provider.


At Right Turn Web we believe in providing an honest, up-front pricing structure. No hidden fees, no back end markups.

Our basic price starts at $360 for a 6 page starter website. With every website we provide up to a 2 hr. one on one consultation to review what you currently have, what you want and what you need. This consultation is billed at $100 and if you should choose to go with us then the $100 is provided as a credit back to your site's development cost.

After our consultation we will give you a precise cost estimate. If for some reason more time or expense is needed on our side to complete the original task we absorb it and do not pass that along to you. During our consultation we will additionally provide you tips on how the overall cost of development can be lowered, such as having you provide us specific copy (written content) and pictures.


All of our basic level clients receive 1yr FREE hosting. This is a $120 value. All managed clients also receive access to a minimum of 4 hours per year of FREE follow-up that can be used for such things as updating content, including extra graphics, upgrades and follow-up consultation work. This is valued at $240.